Indian Society of Paediatric Radiology



The membership of the Society shall be of five categories:

Full Member : Medical practitioner registered in India under I.M.C. Act, 1956 and practicing Paediatric Radiology or otherwise engaged in radiological work such as teaching or research and holding a postgraduate qualification in Radiology including its specialties shall be eligible forfull membership. He may belong to any of three categories.

i). Founder Member: Members who joined the Society at the time of formation by paying Rs.3000/-
ii). Life Member: Member who has paid life subscription of Rs. 4500/-
iii). Associate Member: Persons registered in India under I.M.C. Act, 1956 and engaged in the practice of branches of medical science auxiliary to Paediatric Radiology. A bonafide post graduate student in Radiology is also eligible to become an Associate member by paying Rs.3000/-
iv). Honorary Member: A person considered suitable and desirable by the General Body may be enrolled as a Honorary member.
v). Overseas Member: Medical practitioner registered in Countries other than India and practicing the science and art of Paediatric Radiology shall be eligible for membership of this category. He should hold postgraduate qualification in surgery (including its specialties). He may be enrolled as a Life Member.
vi). Additional 18% GST will be applicable.

Please send your Application + Payment details + MD/DNB & Registration certificate to: